Guitar on Wii?

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I’ve been a couple of days trying to get something out from using Wiimote with a PC. By the way I’m learning a lot of SDL. Within a week a guitar-simulation game will be released for the Nintendo DS platform. It’s called Jam Sessions. So I asked myself if it could be possible to do that on Wii.

So, I started programming and within five hours more or less I’ve developped some things and: it’s possible. The idea is: you have 8 chords in the screen and you choose one of them with the nunchuk stick; when you shake the Wiimote in the vertical direction it will produce sound. With “C” you temporary chhange “minor” chords to “major” ones and vice versa. And with “B” you change the screen chords by others, so you can choose. More or less like Jam Sessions does.

How does it look like?

Youtube Wii Guitar Video (spanish)

By now there are only 4 chords and it still is a proof of concept. But after exams I will probably improve it, clean and modularize the code, and release it with the code. It can be a funny thing to show to your friends in a party. I’ve used C language, SDL and libwiimote despite I’d like to try out some SDL bindings like Python one.