Miguel L Gonzalez

Contact information:

Email: miguelmail at
Github profile: ktzar
Based in London. For phone number please get in touch via email.

Background and Objectives

Telecommunications engineer. Expert in web technology: Modern Javascript (Typescript, Webpack, React, MobX, Redux), GO, PHP and Web Services. Lengthy commercial experience with several CMS and frameworks, highly skilled in front and back-end, NodeJS, React, MySQL, HTML/CSS, SASS, Vanilla Javascript and also background in Java UI and web services.

I'm interested in improving software and team’s workflows through Agile methodologies, whilst part of the team. Establishing automated workflows for successful DevOps to enable CI/CD in the cloud. Automated testing and testing as a contract for the members of the team is one of my values. Also experienced with cloud technologies, AWS, Azure Devops, GCP. Good understanding of deployment and development strategies for architecting high-scalability web systems.

Mid-level professional experience in native Android and iOS, Adobe Flex and AIR applications. Also interested in games development in HTML5, Python and Java for desktop and web services. I'm always keen on using more uncommon languages like GoLang, or Lua.

Professional experience

Vodafone UK

October 2020 - Current- Engineering Manager, London, UK

  • Leading a number of teams while providing technical overview, managing reports, including 1:1, leading working groups. Technical project planning and leadership.
  • Hands-on leading one of the teams, implementing the Basket journey for Vodafone UK eShop. Leading implementation of MobX, Cypress, and establishing good practises within the Scrum team.
  • Relevant technologies: Typescript, React, MobX, Cypress, Azure Devops.

Natwest Markets

January 2018 - September 2020- UI Technical Lead, London, UK

  • Hands-on role implementing webapps aimed to internal and external FX users. Agile Markets is a Single Trader Platform, Post-Trade, Market Analysis. Part of a cross-functional team and looking after the process of delivery, testing, Agile implementation, and liaising with product and senior managers to ensure the team output is aligned with the business expectations.
  • Relevant technologies: Typescript, React, Redux, NodeJS, Java 8 and GCP.

Thomson Reuters, World Check One

March 2016 - January 2018 - Senior Software Engineer - London, UK

  • Full-stack development, but mostly front-end focused and CI microservices.
  • Dojo, ReactJS and NodeJS. Jenkins, Docker. Development of a localization pipeline to localize the product. Backend in Spring Framework.
  • Recruiting and mentoring new joiners. Improving the pipeline for CI/CD for front-end and back-end modules.

British Broadcasting Corporation, iPlayer

May 2013 - March 2016 - Senior Web engineer - London, UK

  • Full-stack development of areas across the new Responsive TV iPlayer. HTML5, SASS/ Modular JS, PHP, ZF1, Cucumber automated testing, JS and PHP unit testing, NodeJS, source control and deployment management. TDD and BDD approaches. Agile environment.
  • Planning, development and strategy for Childrens iPlayer.

coANDco UK

April 2011 - May 2013 - Senior Software Engineer - London, UK

  • Full stack multi language websites, for multiple brands and companies in the UK and Switzerland.,,, ...
  • iOS and Android app development, using different approaches: pure HTML5, hybrid & native. Android: WhereAreYouApp. iOS: HTML5 enterprise-distributed marketing iPad apps for pharmaceutical companies with interactive video.
  • Mobile websites, CMS and HTML5-based applications for top brands in the UK market using HTML5. Zend Framework, Yii, CakePHP. Also NodeJS with Express and for backend for iOS and Adobe Flex apps.
  • Cloud server deployment configuration and maintenance (Debian based servers, Rackspace, LAMP, CACTI, Git, SVN).
  • Develpoment of, a user to user video conferencing website using Zend Framework, state of the art front-end technologies, Adobe Flex and Red5.

Global Interactive Marketing Online (GIMO LTD)

August 2010 - April 2011 - Senior PHP developer - London, UK

  • Maintenance and development of in-house proprietary PHP framework, built from scratch based on CodeIgniter. Plugins for the framework, for both front and back-end. Development, maintenance and improvement of web sites for the online betting market. Implementation of new payment gateways. Facebook Connect integration. Version Control (SVN). Clients: Netbet, LePoker, Supercasino.

Sociedad Cooperation Minds Multimedia (SCM-M)

August 2009 - July 2010 - Head of IT and Programming - Madrid, Spain

  • Development, maintenance, design, and contractors management. The clients comprise an important corporation of educational services: UCJC University, SEK schools and IE University, among other medium-sized projects. PHP, MySQL, Javascript, jQuery, XHTML, CSS, Facebook connect, RSS, web services. SVN as a version control system.
  • Development of the University’s Journalism School’s online newspaper, Wordpress Theme and plugin development.
  • Multi-blog platform for UCJC University. Platform developed from scratch with AJAX/LAMP technologies.
  • API development and database communication for an online RPG game Oracle, PHP.

Universidad Politecnica de Madrid

April 2007 - May 2009 - Researcher Madrid, Spain

  • Researcher in e-Health systems. Integration of a Bluetooth Scale with a hospital IT infrastructure through S/MIME and a custom PKI. Java, Bluecove, Bouncycastle, MySQL.
  • CriptoRED’s thematical web migration from old platform to Moodle (PHP, MySQL, Python).
  • uSWN: EU’s project, uSWN, related to Sensorial Wireless Networks, since 2007 to 2009. English paper writteing and submission, C for microcontrollers in Telos-B and Tmote Sky platform.

CEI, CREA (arts schools)

March 2008 - August 2008 - Web Design and Programming Teacher - Madrid, Spain

  • PHP, MySQL, Javascript, XHTML, AJAX, Flash, ActionScript 2, Flex, Ajax.

Ydilo Advanced Voice Solutions

September 2006 - April 2007 Tasks of analysis and programming with Java (SWT, Web services, Nuance API), SQR and PHP languages. Voice applications and management web interfaces. Nuance and Oracle technology.


May 2000 - September 2001 Web designer and programmer in the field of webs for e-learning.


Master of Science, Accessible services in the Information Society May'09 Universidad Politécnica de Madrid THESIS - Accesible system for interacting with computers using Wiimote.

Science Degree, Tech. Telecommunication Engineer, spec. Telematics June'06 Universidad Politécnica de Madrid THESIS - Multimedia Services in a domestic environment over OSGi platform.

Programming Languages


Expert level. Commercial experience in both freelance and in-house projects. Extensive experience with frameworks as jQuery and Prototype and exposure to MVC with AngularJS, jQueryUI. Development of jQuery plugins, AJAX. Good knowledge and commercial experience with server-side Javascript (NodeJS, Express,


Expert. Experience in both Object-oriented and functional programming. Knowledge of several frameworks: Laravel, Zend Framework 1, Yii, Kohana... Experience with several CMSs: Wordpress, Contao, among others.

Other Languages

  • Golang
  • Objective C: Middleweight, iOS applications,
  • Java: Expert. Commercial experience in university research and in-house GUI apps development. Bluetooth, PKI, GUI and web services. Android apps (WhereAreYouApp). Experience in media streaming servers (Red5).
  • Python: Middleweight. Django websites, personal projects, PyGame, statistical analysis, language processing.
  • LUA: Middleweight. Commercial experience development of iPad game using the Corona SDK (2012).
  • C: Middleweight but outdated. University Practicals, personal projects.

Freelance Projects

Please have a look at my full-portfolio of projects

  • Educational videos on information security. PHP and Javascript. Website, video production, audio engineering and art direction. August 2010.
  • Professional blog for journalist. Wordpress, XHTML, CSS. Integration with Mailchimp. and development of plugins for Wordpress 2.9. CSS, XHTML, among others. March 2010
  • . Online sports newspaper. Design, programming and deployment. Wordpress 2.8, CSS, XHTML, among others. November 2009.
  • Grupo de Trabajo de Historia del Pensamiento Geográfico . Geography research group website. CMS development from scratch. 2008. PHP, Javascript, CSS and XHTML. May 2009.
  • Widget development for Camilo José Cela University (Madrid) website, MySQL+JQuery+ActionScript+PHP. May 2009.
  • Robert Harding Pittman ,photographer’s promotion and gallery ( Template for PHP Organize. PHP, Javascript, CSS and XHTML. March 2008.
  • Videplay, promo and webshop for educational multimedia products company. E-commerce CMS from scratch with catalogue and web administration. PHP and MySQL. ( 2004

Other computing skills

  • Graphic design and video edition with proprietary and open source software (3DStudio, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, etc.; Inkscape, The Gimp, Scribus, etc.).
  • Advanced user and administrator skills under Windows (NT-2000 based) and Unix (FreeBSD and GNU/Linux) OSs.
  • Wired and wireless network deployment, configuration and management.


  • PRNG based on new HCI devices’ entropy sources. ISCC 2009
  • Gobiernat-e: propuesta de participación ciudadana a través de las nuevas tecnologías. (People’s participation proposal through new technologies). XIII Congreso Nacional de Sociología de Castilla la Mancha. July 2008
  • Electronic Petition Drive within Spanish law. CollECTeR Iberoamérica June 2008
  • A low-cost multimodal device for web accessibility. ColLecTer Iberoamérica June 2008
  • uODICP, a Component Based Middleware Approach for Developing, Deployment and Interchanging information between nodes in a Wireless Sensor Network. November 2007

Interests and languages

Guitar, piano, ukelele and learning any new instrument, indie videogames, woodworking, digital arts, cooking, dancing

  • Spanish. Mother tongue
  • English. Proficient speaking and writing level.
  • French. High speaking and writing level.
  • Catalan. Medium-High. Official Language School, Madrid