Hello! This is me, I’m a Vim fan, a father, and a Telecommunications Engineer which, I think, are facts that define a great deal who you are. I was born in “insert here George Orwell’s greatest book” and the hobby that I do for a living is programming, mostly on stuff that seen in web browsers, but not only!. When I started my career after university I thought that Java was an extension of my fingers, but now I think that feeling at home in a plethora of languages is something much more useful, since every language has its strong points. And... what the heck, it's fun to learn new ways to express logic and build things with. I've done commercial stuff in PHP, client and server JS, Python, ActionScript, Java, Lua and C.

I also love travelling. I’ve visited lots of places, but I think that as a tourist you don’t get to know a place, that’s why I decided I didn't want to live my whole life in my home country.

If you have seen my portfolio you already know that I’ve worked with very different professionals: artists, companies, universities, journalists… I still love the web (and to be fair, I don’t think I will be getting fed up of it for some time) and all the new technologies that, after years of tinkering, are now mainstream: HTML5, Javascript new APIs, CSS3, WebSockets, Git deployments, lightweight containers like Docker, deployments in the cloud, frameworks…

Anyway, if someday I get fed up with the web, I may look for work deploying radio links, administering a big network, programming videogames… I don’t know. You can find a selection of the things I do in my spare time in the sideprojects section. The thing I’m sure of is that I will always try to do what I love.

Maybe you are interested in taking a look at my CV. There you can find a version without the personal data for obvious reasons. If you want to contact me, please feel free to send me an email. My address is in that very same section. Thanks for visiting!